Friendship Floral Making Workshop

Friendship Floral Making Workshop

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Flowers, ribbons, diamantes and all things nice. Do you love to get creative around the house? Create a floral wreath to hang on your wall or to accent any bedroom, home or space – just let your creativity flow!

The primary focus of this lesson is to develop skills in using artificial flowers to create a wreath.

A live online step by step tutorial is provided by our qualified and dedicated teacher. One hour workshop lessons are available Monday to Friday, from 7:45 – 8:45pm. Lessons are designed to get your kids excited to create and craft. The class lasts one hour, but the skills learnt are worth a lifetime.

We utilise a variety of mediums and materials that you can find in your craft box at home. If you are unable to find the materials needed for this class, our Friendship Floral Craft Kit will have absolutely everything needed for this lesson and more!

Materials needed for this class:

· Hoop Ring (15-25cm)

· Artificial Green Foliage (Min. 70cm) Eg. Eucalyptus Dollar Gum Spray

· Artificial White Bellflower Spray or similar x 1 

· Pink Peony's or similar x 3 buds

· Green Floristry Tape x 1

· Glue Gun 

· Flower Snips/Scissors 

· Ribbon x 50cm (Optional)


*Suitable for ages 12+

**Adult supervision and assistance may be required with glue gun use.

 ***Once ordered, you will receive a link with access to our online workshops.